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Pont des Arts name provides a symbolic reference to the most famous pedestrian bridge across the Seine, an image of eternal Paris.
Paris belongs to the world, and every knowing visitor to the city will spend a moment on pont des Arts, the emblematic location for people to meet and exchange with one another and furthermore the physical link between two prestigious cultural landmarks of the French capital, the Louvre and the Académie Française.
Looking onto Pont-Neuf, Île de la Cité and Notre-Dame cathedral, pont des Arts is indeed a timeless source of serenity, generating energy, beauty and truly unique sensations, whatever the time of day and wherever you choose to cast your eye.
No other place in Paris could possibly better embody the image that this new range of fragrances wishes to convey; a location that is open to all those who share long-lasting feelings, but also their love for Paris and for all of life’s essentials.